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20-Point Inspection

With our "20-Point Inspection", we will review your SurfShop or SurfShopPRO installation, remedy common misconfigurations, and "tune-up" your cart.
(Price is per single store.)

Here's what you'll get:
1.  Verify the basic installation - files are where they need to be
2.  Verify text/binary state of files
3.  Verify file permissions
4.  Verify required modules exist
5.  Verify autoconfig runs
6.  Verify primary data pointer
7.  Verify global parameters
8.  Verify admin login/logout works correctly
9.  Verify ssl settings are correct
10. Verify MySQL settings are correct
11. Verify template options
12. Verify e-mail template options
13. Verify all databases read/write correctly
14. Verify all db templates are correct
15. Verify PayPal settings
16. Verify AuthorizeNet/LinkPoint settings
17. Verify other check-out options
18. Verify calculations are correct
19. Verify checkout sequence completes
20. Verify notification e-mails are sent

Note: This is a diagnostic/quick fix only.  Major reconfigurations would bill at the custom work rate. This would include custom SSL configuration, Payment Gateway integration, re-installation of scripts, or any other custom configuration outside the standard installation.

This inspection, or any other paid service, will only be performed on a purchased installation.  We will not perform work on a demo copy of SurfShop.

By purchasing this service, you agree to hold The Working Mac harmless for any problems that could occur during, or after, our work on your server.  Please backup your server before we perform this check.

Be prepared for business!

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SurfShop is built on a solid foundation of Perl and MySQL. It will handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Plus, our new design is based on Bootstrap 3, the world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework.

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