The SurfShop Top 10

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should choose SurfShop™

1] Rock Solid
No other feature is as important as this one when you need to trust your business to an e-commerce shopping cart. It's also extremely secure. Sleep sound tonight knowing that you have one less thing to worry about.

2] Easy To Install
An installation wizard walks you through the set up of your online store in less than 10 minutes. Then, just import your products and your in business - literally!

3] Beautiful HTML5/CSS3 Templates
The HTML templates that come with SurfShop are so nice you may never want to change them. However, since they're based on Boostrap 3, they're easy to work with if you find a need to modify them.

4] Adding Products Is A Breeze
You can add products one at a time in the admin section or upload them in bulk. And you can do the same with your categories! Very few carts have bulk category uploads. This is a HUGE time saver if you already have them in a database, spreadsheet, or text file.

5] Unlimited Sub-Categories
You can have as many categories and sub-categories as your business needs. Plus, you can assign multiple categories to products. You're not locked in with the SurfShop™ e-commerce system. Did we mention you can bulk upload your categories?

6] Customer Accounts
Forcing a customer to create an account just to make a purchase is probably the single biggest frustration people have with online stores. SurfShop does not force your customers to create an account before they purchase through your cart. However, if they do, you can have special 'members only' pricing for them, and/or set up a mailing list for preferred customers.

7] Multiple Pricing Levels
Retail, wholesale and member prices give you a wide range of customers you can support. Plus, you can also set up special sales with beginning and ending dates. With these 4 base prices, plus any fees or discounts using the calculation engine, your pricing options are endless!

8] Multiple Back-end Databases
SurfShop shopping cart supports MySQL, ASCII, and DBM databases. Which one do you need? Take your pick! You're not forced to use one or another.

9] Powerful Calculations
You simply have to try this feature to see what we mean. You're not stuck using pre-programmed, simplistic formulas. Nor do you have to buy add-on modules just to do what you want. Create your own formulas to suit your business - not the other way around.

10] Admin Section
With it's browser-based admin section, you have easy and secure access to all the info in your online store. Importing and exporting of your products, categories, photos, etc. can all be handled with your browser. An extremely clean layout makes it easy to find information by date, order ID, customer name, etc. to make customized reports.

11] Here's a bonus reason →
SurfShop is fast! Check out our demo to see what we mean.

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