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Wish List

The Wish list is like a second shopping cart that the customer can use to save items in which they may be interested, but not ready to buy right away. It is a good tool to encourage “browsing” customers to come back and buy.

To use the Wish List feature, select “Use Wish List” in the Template Options Admin. See Template Options.

Wish lists are not automatically expired like the cart files, because they do not contain any personal information. They do, however, require the customer to create an account and to sign into the store. See Customer Accounts and Sign-In.

Once signed-in, links to add items to the wish list appear on the product pages. A link to view their Wish List also appears in the top navigation bar.

Products can be moved between the current cart and the Wish List at any time. When the customer checks-out, only the cart items are included in the order. The Wish List remains on file, ready to be retrieved at a later date.

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