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Viewing and Processing Orders

The “View Orders” admin page displays all of the orders that have come into your store, sorted by most recent. You can use the finder at the top of the page to locate orders by date. Orders can be confirmed as “shipped” from the list view or deleted from the database all together.

Order Info vs. Billing Info

Each order is split into two page views. Order Info shows each item ordered and allows you to update the shipping status of each item. The Billing Info page shows the Billing and Shipping address of the orders, along with any Credit Card or Check information included with the order.


When you click “View Invoice,” a window pops up containing the order, including prices, additional calculations (tax) and shipping.

Facsimile Checks

If you are using the “e-check” feature and the customer has entered all of the appropriate check information, you can display a “facsimile check” by clicking the “Facsimile Check” link on the Billing Info page. This will open a window containing the shape of a business check, populated with all of the information necessary to process the check through the bank.

We recommend you verify that your bank will honor “e-checks” of this kind before offering this service to your customers.

Viewing Sales Totals

You can have SurfShop™ print summaries of Sales Totals by checking the “Show Sales Totals” checkbox. Sums for all calculations, including Gift Certificates and Coupon deductions, Shipping and any other calculation you are using are shown at the bottom of the list view.

The Sales Totals summaries include only orders that fall within the date window specified. By modifying the beginning and ending date, you can calculate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly Sales Totals.

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