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Using the WebStoreManager Overview

Point your browser to admin.cgi. The path should be something like:

Log in using the administrative username and password you set in autoconfig.cgi.

At the top of the Admin page is a dropdown menu. From here you can control all aspects of your store, including the look and feel.

The Admin Jump Menu

  • Edit Global Settings
    • This option allows you to go back and change your config settings, just as you did when you installed the store using autoconfig.cgi. (To access this option, permissions for autoconfig.cgi must be set to 755.)
  • Edit Users
    • Here you can add and delete authorized SurfShop™ users, change passwords, increase or decrease access priveleges.
  • Force Complete / Delete Carts
    • Carts are automatically pruned after the time period specified in the Global Settings. Recent Carts can be deleted or “Force Completed” here should the customer be disconnected before the final confimation.
  • Edit Email Messages
    • Your outgoing customer and merchant notification message can be easily updated using this admin option.
  • Edit Template Options
    • You can change the HTML that is output from your store, set Cascading Style Sheets and change numerous other options using the template admin.
  • Edit Check-out Options
    • This is where you control how your info capture forms are displayed during the checkout sequence. You can add and remove credit card types, payment options, countries with which you do business and various other features. You can also insert form HTML for use with payment processors using this handy administrative interface.
  • Edit Calculations
    • The calculations admin lets you add and remove shipping methods, set up shipping rates and tax tables and add any handling charges that may apply. You can also specify that certain calculations be tax inclusive, meaning they do not get added to the grand total. Shipping types can be marked as restricted from hazardous materials here as well.
  • Edit Products
    • Add, modify and delete products in your store. You can also add and rearrange categories and sub-categories.
  • View Orders
    • View and edit the orders that you have recieved from your website. You can update each order's progress, so that your customers can log-in and track their order from your website as well. If you need to tweak prices or shipping for a particular order, you can do this here as well.
  • View Customers
    • Your customers can register at your site for news and special offers, as well as to track the progress of their order. Here you can add, modify and delete your customer records.
  • Edit Coupons
    • You can view, add, modify and delete online promotions, coupons and gift certificates as well as track their usage history using the Coupons admin.
  • View Store
    • Choose this option to log out of your WebStore Manager and view the changes you have made.
  • Sign Out
    • Choose this option to log out of your WebStore Manager.

Finding and Displaying Records

All of the databases are searchable. Each admin page has a slightly different “finder” at the top of the page, with search parameters specific to that database. the Orders database allows you to search by date, while the Customers database lets you find by last name, for example. You can always enter a keyword in the “Find Text” field and SurfShop™ will display only records matching your query.

You can sort the results by a specific field by clicking on the headers at the top of each column in the list.

Deleting and Modifying Records from the List View

You can delete multiple records by checking the box in each data row and then clicking “Save Changes to List.” Some list views allow you to make additional changes to each record as well.

Viewing and Editing Record Detail

Clicking on a record's ID will open the record in a new window, where you can view and edit it in more detail.

Importing and Exporting and Data Fields

SurfShop™ allows you to import and export databases, as well as add and delete entire database columns using the Admin. See Importing and Exporting Databases.

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