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Using PayPal

SurfShop™ comes pre-configured to work with PayPal out-of-the-box. Just leave the defaults and follow the steps below:


In “Check-out options”, select “Use PayPal” as a payment method.


Check your “Global Settings”:

PayPal Email address:you@your-email-address
Cardservice Vendor(s): PayPal
Cardservice domain(s) *see note, below
Name of transaction result field:status
Value when approved:approved
Value when declined: declined
Name of AVS result field:leave blank
Name of “Reason for Decline” field:leave blank
Name of “Authorization Code” field:leave blank
Name of “Reference Number” field:leave blank
  • Note: If your site is not SSL-enabled, leave the cardservice domain field blank or it will result in an error.


Sign on to your PayPal account at

Click “Profile”

Click “Instant Payment Notification Preferences”

Click “Edit”

Type the path to forceorder.cgi in the box provided. Example:

Check the box labeled, “Instant Payment Notification integrates PayPal payment notification and authentication with your website's back-end operations. Check this box to activate Instant Payment Notification, and enter the URL at which you will receive the payment notifications below. This URL should be a URL which you own and at which you receive HTML posts.”

Click “Save”

You are now PayPal Enabled!

Please note that your web server must have the LWP::UserAgent perl module installed to use PayPal IPN. Contact your Web Host if you have questions.

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