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Using AuthorizeNet


In your Authorize.Net admin, make sure you have done the following:

  1. Click “Settings”
  2. Click “Direct Response”
  3. Set “Delimited Response” to “Yes”
  4. Choose “|” (pipe) as the default field delimiter (or another character, if desired)
  5. Leave Field Encapsulation character blank
  6. Click Submit.


Customize “” using the username, password and transaction type provided by AuthorizeNet. Find the section below and paste the appropriate values into the single quotations:

  my $logon    = ' ';     # <-- insert AuthorizeNet username here
  my $password = ' ';     # <-- insert AuthorizeNet password here
  my $mode     = ' ';     # <-- insert AuthorizeNet transaction mode here
  my $test     = 'true';  # <-- change to 'false' when done testing
  my $delim    = '|';     # <-- change to delim character (you set in step 1, above)


Copy “” to your cgi-bin where the other surfshop scripts are located. No permission setting is necessary.


Modify your “Global Settings”:

Cardservice Vendor(s):AuthorizeNet
Cardservice domain(s):enter your secure domain here
Name of transaction result field:status
Value when approved:approved
Value when declined:declined
Name of AVS result field:
Name of “Reason for Decline” field:failReason
Name of “Authorization Code” field:
Name of “Reference Number” field:


Check the box labeled “Use Credit Card Form” in the “Check Out Options” Admin (Check-Out Form #2)

You do not need to modify the checkout code except for the following line:

<input type="hidden" name="<! ss_appfield>" value="<! ss_approved>"> 

Change it to read:

<input type="hidden" name="<! ss_appfield>" value="AuthorizeNet"> 
  • Please note that the Authorize.Net program requires that your web server has the Net::SSLeay perl module installed. Contact your ISP if you have any questions.

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