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Shipping Calculations

An order uses a single “shipping method” to calculate the shipping cost. This amount is the combination of any “item-specific” shipping calculations and the result of the selected shipping method's calculation.

SurfShop automatically compiles a menu of available shipping options based on a number of factors. Once a shipping method is selected, it is used to calculated the shipping cost.

The factors that are used to generate the available shipping methods are:

  • If any items in the order restrict any shipping methods, they are excluded from the list.
  • If any shipping method calculates to equal zero, it is excluded from the list.
  • If any shipping method results in a “FREE” value, it is included, but shows “FREE” as the amount.
  • Individual products can have their own shipping costs for the various shipping methods. This is added to the total shipping cost before the “order's” shipping total is calculated. (See Editing Products for more information.)
  • You can set a “free shipping minimum.” This means that any order falling under the threshold will result in a zero shipping cost.
  • You can create a “free shipping coupon.” If the customer uses this coupon using a “coupon id” and “password,” the shipping cost will be offset, and result in a zero shipping cost.
  • If a shipping method is “not available,” for a given calculation, enter “–” (double dash) as the value.
  • If a shipping method is available, but there is no charge, enter “FREE” as the value.

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