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Payloads (Downloadable Products)

You can use SurfShop™ to sell online products such as software or e-books. SurfShop™ automatically creates the download links when the order is completed, both on the receipt page that is displayed and in the confirmation email that is sent.

Each time the customer downloads a file using any of these links, SurfShop™ automatically updates the customer's order record. Once the total number of products ordered has been downloaded, the program will not deliver any more downloads for that order.

How to set up Payloads

1. Upload the downloadable files to your ssdata/1/payloads directory.

In the ssdata directory there is a folder named payloads. Copy each of the products you are offering for download into this folder. The names of the files may contain only letters and numbers and cannot contain any spaces or underscores.

2. Enter the downloadable “payload” into your catalog database using the “pld” extension.

When adding the items to your catalog, set the Item ID of each file to the name of the file MINUS the extension PLUS “pld”


File name Item ID
thisfile.pdf thisfilepld

The “pld” extension tells SurfShop™ that this item is a digital payload and will create a link to it when the “receipt.htm” is output for a completed order.

3. Insert the Download Place Holder in the appropriate output templates.

If you would rather that your customers to respond to the email confirmation (to filter out bogus orders), do not insert the link on the receipt template, but rather add it to the Customer E-mail Message. You can edit your e-mail messages by selecting “Edit E-mail Messages” from the Web Store Manager.

Automatic Update

SurfShop™ will automatically update the customer's order record by incrementing the “delivery status” field each time a file is downloaded. For this reason, DO NOT MODIFY THIS FIELD in your order's database for any downloadable products in a customer's order, or the program will not function correctly.

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