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Customer Accounts and Sign-In

You can set up SurfShop™ to allow customers to create accounts that remember their billing information and order history.

To use Customer Sign-In, select “Use Customer Sign-In” in the template options admin. See Template Options.

When this feature is enabled, a sign-in console appears at the top of the page next to the customer's “cart.” In addition, Links to to “Create and Account” become visible on the page.

You must enable Customer Sign-In if you want to use the Wish List feature.

The Account Page

When a customer signs in, he or she can view their account information and make changes, if desired. Here customers can also change their password and view their past orders (if they are still in the system.)

Clicking on an individual order link pops a new window and the order details can be viewed.

As a bonus for signing up, you can assign special member pricing to your products. See Adding and Modifying Products.

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