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Coupons and Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are special Catalog Items that you can sell to your customers to redeem at your site as cash. Coupons (for special promotions) give discounts off the total amount of the order when used. SurfShop™ keeps track of the Gift Certificates and Coupons as they are used so you can monitor their activity. There are also several checks and balances to prevent the system from being abused by your web visitors.

To create a Gift Certificate, you must first create a “catalog item” whose itemid field ends in “gft.” See “Catalog Items” for more information. The extension tells SurfShop™ to automatically create a new entry in the coupons database whenever the Gift Certificate is ordered.

In the Web Store Manager, select “Edit Coupons”.

From here you can add, delete and “confirm” coupons and gift certificates. Click on a coupon id to view its detail in a new window.

Coupon ID

This is the name of the Gift Certificate or Coupon.


The password is required for your customer to use the Gift Certificate or Coupon. You must create your own id and password for coupons in your system. SurfShop™ automatically generates the couponid and password for Gift Certificates when they are ordered.

Purchase Date

This field is for you to note the date of Purchase, if any.

Expiration Date

Enter the date the coupon expires in MM/DD/YYYY format.


This box 'must' be checked before your customer will be able to use the Gift Certificate or Coupon. This allows you to hold a Gift Certificate until payment is received.


Select Gift Certificate, Coupon or Free Shipping.

A Gift Certificate has a specific value and decreases as it is used. It is intended to be used by a single customer. A Coupon has either a percentage or a flat value, but can be used over and over by any customer who has the password. A Free Shipping Coupon is a special type that always equals the total of the shipping for that order, thus negating the shipping charge.

Initial Value

This is the beginning value of the Coupon. Coupons use this field to calculate the discount. This value can be a percentage or a fixed amount.



Min Purchase

The minimum amount an order must reach before the Coupon or Gift Certificate can be used. Typically Gift Certificates will not have a minimum Purchase, while Coupons will. For example, a Coupon might be set up to give a 10% discount on a purchase of $100 or more.

Current Balance

The amount left on the Gift Certificate. This value will decrease as the Gift Certificate is used. This value does not change for Coupons.

If you're setting up a Gift Certificate as a “credit” for a particular customer, this is the field where you enter the amount of the “credit”. This type of Gift Certificate is different than the kind you enter as a Catalog Item to sell to customers (see the Catalog Items section). Do not set up a “gft” catalog item when using a Gift Certificate as a “credit”.

Purchased By

This is field is entered automatically by SurfShop™ when a Gift Certificate is ordered.

Usage History

SurfShop™ keeps a running log each time a Gift Certificate or Coupon is used so you can go back and verify purchases made with them. The date, customer # and amount are written to this field.

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