UPS™ Zones and Rates Calc

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Instant, pre-configured calculations — so you don't have to!

Let us do the hard work for you.  Get the current UPS rates and zones for your SurfShop store without breaking a sweat.  Save many hours of tedious data entry – guaranteed to be accurate.

What you get: Benefits:
Purchase the current rate chart for your Zip Code
• Choose rate type [1]:
• Ship From Zip Code [2]:
• Markup % (if any) [3]:

[1] 'Cost Only' is the published UPS rate – 'Cost Plus' includes a markup % of your choosing
[2] This is the U.S. Zip Code that your product ships from
[3] Leave blank if you do not want to add an upcharge to UPS's rates
(If you order 'Cost Plus %', you will also receive the 'Cost Only' rates for free)


Important ***

3-Fold Guarantee

  1. We warrant this information to be accurate – if you find a mistake, we'll correct it and send you the corrected information for free.
  2. Not only that, but if UPS should raise their rates within 1 month of your purchase, we'll send you the updated info for free!
  3. PLUS… if UPS changes their rates within 6 months of your purchase, you can purchase updated info for only $10.00.

How can you go wrong?


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