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Demos / Screencasts / Screen Shots

Here are a few demos that you can peruse to see some of the different ways you can set up SurfShop.


This demo uses a dark gray box surround, just like our website, to give your store a picture frame look.



This demo utilizes a thin line to box in your store.



Admin Section / Storefront

This demo is open for you to be able to make changes and see how they affect SurfShop. Create products and categories, calculations and coupons. You can even change the options for the templates. There are 3 admin levels, Administrator, Manager, and User.

When using this demo, please be aware that someone before you could have changed or deleted items in this demo, and it may not work correctly. However, it will reset itself periodically which will delete any items, categories, etc., that you may add or change.

SurfShop ScreenCasts

Watch these movies to see how easy it is to install and configure SurfShop.

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