SurfShop 1.4.7 Update

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SurfShop 1.4.7 Update

Post by frankjan » Apr 20, 2009 9:58 am

This is a recommended update for all SurfShop users**


** Fixed a problem that emptied a users cart if their browser was quit. Carts are now retained between browser sessions for the amount of time you specify on the Global Settings page, as long as the user has cookies turned on.
[Thanks to Erik from Taiwan]

• Multiple categories per product now works properly. You can assign multiple categories to individual products and they will show up in each of the assigned categories. Enter once, show multiple times!

• Fixed the category breadcrumb trail on the product detail page for items with multiple categories assigned to them. When navigating the store, the proper category trail is displayed. When doing a search, the detail page will show the category trail for the first, or only, category assigned to that item.


• When doing a search and only 1 item is returned, you are now taken directly to the detail page for that item. If multiple items are returned, you'll remain on the search page as before. This change makes navigating your store easier by reducing the number of clicks needed to add items to the cart and makes it more intuitive for the end user.

• Added a Server Offset Time field to the Global Settings. This allows you to add or subtract hours from the time an order was placed, in case your server is in a different Time Zone that you are.
Example: if you are in the PST Time Zone and your server is in the EST Time Zone, your orders will show up as being placed 3 hours later than when they actually came in. Adding [-3] hours to the Server Offset field will make your orders show placed in your time zone, not the server's.
[Thanks to Nick]
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