Pre-Sales Query - Upload and Update Products and Pricing

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Pre-Sales Query - Upload and Update Products and Pricing

Post by addsurfshop » Mar 20, 2005 4:09 am

I am wondering what would happen if a customer was using the shopping cart and half way through a transaction, whilst I was updating the price in a product or uploading updates to the database. Which price would they pick up ? With that in mind is it possible to ....

1)      .... put the product database “offline” whilst updates are being made ? Perhaps provide the ability to schedule updates at a particular time and if no one is logged into the shopping cart the site could automatically be made unavailable for a pre-defined period of time. If someone is logged in but has been idle for some time it could automatically log them out ? This would ensure that the correct price and information is picked up and avoid possible discrepancies during updates ?

2) Alternatively I can schedule cron jobs to move the database but I would like it to check a flag to see if anyone is using the shopping cart before moving or making it "unavailable". Also if someone is using the shopping cart but is idle for say 30minutes, to "log them out" and set a flag to say that no one is using the shopping cart.

Please suggest which method would be the most appropriate/possible.

Many thanks

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Re: Pre-Sales Query - Upload and Update Products and Pricing

Post by frankjan » Mar 22, 2005 6:02 pm

At the present time, there is no way to take the database "offline" for updating, however we are working on that for a future version.  You're solution #2 sounds like it's the best one for now.  

As far as which price a customers cart would pick up during an update - since the db is actually separate from the cart code, all products that were added right before the update occurred would be at the old price, while all products added after would pick up the new price.  I'm not exactly sure which price would be picked up if the customer was "lucky" enough to click the add to cart button at the instant the db was being updated.

FYI, updating the db is pretty quick (especially if you have a DSL connection and are using a MySQL db) so the chances of a problem occurring are pretty slim.
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