Permission Requirements

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Permission Requirements

Post by frankjan » Jun 29, 2006 8:21 am

One of the most common problems people experience with SurfShop (or any other Perl based application) has to do with permissions.  If they are not set correctly, all sorts of problems can occur which may be hard to diagnose.

Here's a list of correct permission settings for all versions of SurfShop
(for the correct settings to use during installation, consult the docs):

• Directories - all directories should be set at 755 or 711, depending on server configuration
• Files - set all cgi files in the 'surfshop' directory to 755.  All other files should be set at 666 or 644, depending on server configuration

Since Unix comes in many different flavors, you may need to experiment with the permissions if the above do not work.  If you experience problems, try raising the permissions.  However, always keep permissions set as low as possible after going live,  to keep security as tight as possible.

Never leave directories writable after going live.


Another thing to keep in mind is to always upload the text files in ASCII format rather than binary.  Binary will cause the files to have incorrect line terminators, and that can cause problems as well.  Plus, make sure that all the files have Unix line endings rather than DOS or Mac.

Once the permissions are set correctly, you should never have to change them again.  If your installation should start having problems after running fine for a long time, you should look for possible corruption of files on the server.  As a last resort, you may need to re-install SurfShop.


Also, make sure that your server has all the programs that SurfShop needs to run properly.  Lets say that you've been using either an ASCII or DBM database for your cart and now you want to upgrade to MySQL.  If your server doesn't have the DBD::mysql module installed, it won't work - even though it worked perfectly fine before.

For a list of requirements, see the following page:

If you find that you're missing something, either you or your ISP should run CPAN and install or update the necessary modules.
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