SurfShop v1.1 Update

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SurfShop v1.1 Update

Post by frankjan » Jan 30, 2007 1:45 pm

Version 1.1 is a free update to all SurfShop 1.0.x. customers.  Here is a list of the changes:

  • Fixed the Mgr level account to have access to all store functions except Edit Users and Global Settings.
  • Fixed the User level account so a User cannot make any changes to the admin section (view info only).
  • Fixed e-mails with regard to <calcfields>.  Updates properly now when you change any of your calcs.
  • Fixed a bug where a customer could add an item to a cart w/o first choosing an option, if that item had an option.  Now presents an error message to the customer telling them they must choose an option.
  • Fixed the search engine to allow customers to search with partial item numbers when searching by Product ID.  Searching by Description always allowed this.
  • Fixed - if a product has a Special price, the "normal" price now properly reflects whether a customer is a Member, Wholesaler, or Retail customer.
New Features
  • NEW! Added a wildcard feature to the search engine.  You can now use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard in your searches.
  • NEW! Search area now has a new layout to make it easier to use.  It also has a different color than the rest of the navigation bar.
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